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Filepicker is excited to announce the acquisition of OneTimeBox. OneTimeBox allows people to quickly and easily share files without the hassle of making accounts and experiencing lengthy wait times. Its incredible simplicity and strong execution align well Filepicker’s vision.

OneTimeBox was built by Oliver Song at HackMIT. Over the past year, it has steadily grown to move hundreds of terabytes of files and support millions of uploads and downloads. Read more »



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Need some inspiration? Here are 7 tips for staying productive while working for a startup:

1. Practice Zero Inbox

Try to practice zero inbox. Even though emails may keep piling on, it’s not productive to keep them lingering around. Process emails as quickly as you can. Reply to the ones that need replies. Delegate the ones that need to be delegated. Delete the irrelevant ones.

Not working for you? Try a simple tool, like FollowUp.cc. It lets you push emails out until you need to handle them, and reminds you of people who haven’t replied yet. Read more »


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Customers have their files in many different places, but they are most valuable when they are accessible from no matter what device they are on.

This is what makes cloud storage so powerful, and useful. The problem occurs when a user has a file hosted in the cloud, and they need to get it somewhere.

Filepicker was built to solve this problem. We pipe the internet, to connect files stored in the cloud to any website or app.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Amazon to add another piece to the puzzle. We are adding Amazon Cloud Drive as a default source to the 32,000+ websites and apps that integrate Filepicker to power their file uploads.


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When we created Filepicker, we made it simpler for apps, services and devices to work together. Instead of implementing APIs from every possible cloud storage environment, the Filepicker API grabbed content updates from almost anywhere. Still, getting all of those user updates was resource-intensive. Because apps had to poll for changes, many companies had to set aside dedicated servers to keep apps updated in real time.

This year, a couple of industry leading companies have started doing some great things using webhooks:

  • Last spring, Dropbox made webhooks for file changes available to developers. Instead of polling Dropbox for changes, apps could receive a notification every time users made a Dropbox file or datastore change.
  • Amazon SNS also facilitated webhooks so that apps could respond to different notifications.

In keeping with our mission to keep app development simple, Filepicker is beta testing webhooks not only for Dropbox and AWS but also for every type of file uploaded by Filepicker. Let’s take a look at how webhooks work and how they’re going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Read more »

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For those of you who don’t work virtually, or from home, most of us have a commute. What better way to use that time than to keep your mind off work, but keep you inspired for the day? Listen to these four netcasts to stay informed, brainstorm ideas, and expand your horizons. Read more »

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In this series we will be exploring the many questions our customers send us frequently. Let us know if there is anything you want us to cover – email us at support@filepicker.io with the subject of “Common Questions”.

Once a file is uploaded through Filepicker there are several options for it. The most common case is to store it outside of Filepicker’s servers – typically on an Amazon S3 account. Read more »

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Getting started in Filepicker is pretty easy, and with the launch of our new documentation, there’s lots of code examples to look at.

But what if we could make it even easier? Yeah, we did that. Enter Quickstart.

Quickstart is like a WYSIWYG. Fill out the form to get the Filepicker you’re looking for. Then on the right, you’ll have the code you need to copy and paste, and click “Pick File” to see exactly how it will perform.

Now, go outside and play!

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Filepicker is not susceptible to the SSL 3.0 bug known as POODLE. Here’s why:

Earlier this week the Google Security Team published details of a vulnerability in a specific version of SSL 3.0 (RFC6101) which they have deemed obsolete and insecure.

This bug can be exploited by a man in the middle attack, where an attacker can force a web browser to fall back to the older version of SSL and intercept any traffic exchanged over the connection.

The vulnerability is described as a POODLE attack, or Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. This is enabled by TLS clients attempting it’s first handshake request with the highest protocol version, and then falling back on older versions for subsequent requests if it fails.

Once we were aware of the bug, we modified our configurations to deny any attempts to connect with this version of SSL. Read more »

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We were inspired by the share as image blog that noted Filepicker as one of the apps they use to run their startup. So, just as they said, we aren’t getting anything for sharing. This is just what apps we love!


If you’re running a SaaS, Stripe is pretty much a must have. It handles all our payments – one time and recurring. This is obviously a critical part of our business, and it has to work – no exceptions. They have great documentation and API, which enable us to easily integrate safe and secure payments in our app. What were we using before?!


Everyone has their personal preferences. But holy smokes do people have strong opinions about task management software! We tried plenty of options, but Trello had the best real world feel of a scrum board. After some lengthy and sometimes heated discussion (no Filepickers were hurt) we finally decided on Trello. And we love it.

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